What treatments are there for Hyperhidrosis?

What are Some Treatments for Hyperhidrosis?

For the longest time, doctors and experts have tried to deal and address the issue of hyperhidrosis but until this day and age, there are still no recent plans of action that were able to successfully and completely provided satisfactory results.

Back in the early times, some treatments for hyperhidrosis have included various things, ranging from heavy applications of antiperspirants to the implementation of psychotherapy. Most of the time, psychotherapy did not really help the medical condition and many times, it even proved to be a heavier burden. On the other hand, antiperspirants also caused the same level of hardship, not to mention that there is a need to apply it liberally and regularly. This means that going through the process on any regular day can be quite a hassle. Meanwhile, drugs, including anticholinergic and psyschotropic medicines, can present uncomfortable and risky side effects such as urinary problems, dry mouth and at times, even increased risks of suffering from heat stroke.

These days, most of the treatment choices for hyperhidrosis have already been improved and the latest approaches are being developed every now and then. Many of the sufferers have discovered that with perseverance, a certain treatment or combination of several treatments can actually help in controlling the symptoms to a more acceptable level and give the patient a chance to enjoy a better and improved quality of life.

For instance, the newly improved antiperspirants that are based on aluminum chloride were able to help a lot of people and in case this is not yet enough, you can also try iontophoresis for feet, hands, and arms that is widely available as hyperhidrosis treatment.

The botox injections can also help those who are desperate to find the most effective treatment for their condition. So far, oral medications are not really recommended to be used for long term because of their potential side effects. But still, there are some people who find these oral medications very helpful, particularly for those who are suffering from hyperhidrosis in all parts of their body or for those who are suffering from the side effects of other forms of treatments.

The last of the treatments available for hyperhidrosis are the surgical options. However, this must be considered only when all the rest of the choices have been tried but to no avail. The surgical procedures which are minimally invasive like laser sweat ablation or retrodermal curettage can permanently get rid of the sweat glands that are found underarms. ETS or endoscopic thoracic sympathectomy is a major surgical procedure that has a high chance of causing irreversible side effects or even permanent damage. This must be considered only as the very last and the very final resort for the most extreme and serious cases of axillae or armpits or palmar or hand hyperhidrosis. So far, ETS is not advisable for feet or plantar hyperhidrosis.

These are just some of the treatments for hyperhidrosis that patients can choose from to address their sweaty problems.


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