What is Hyperhidrosis?

An embarrasing condition that affects millions of people around the world, the term "hyperhidrosis" is a relatively unknown term in social vernacular. More commonly, the condition is know as "excessive sweating", and is the root of social embarrassment for many a people. There are a lot of silent sufferers that avoid social situations because they worry that they will start sweating. It is most common in the armpits, but can commonly occur in other regions of the body, including hands, face, feet and back.

Ask anyone who suffers from excessive sweating and you will probably find that they can sweat through an undershirt in 5 minutes, which then inevitably seeps onto your outer garments!

I first became aware of my hyperhidrosis during high school. I don't remember ever having before but it definitely developed into a social misery when I was probably about 16.

Fast-forward six years, I have started wearing the Sweatproof Tee, and have begun to regain the confidence in myself. I am no longer worried about if there is a wet spot on my business shirt or if I can position my arms better to cover the wet marks. No, I am a more relaxed and fully-functional person that can engage in social interactions without listening to the anxious voice in my head that believes that "everyone can see your wet marks!"

Hyperhidrosis is a debilitating condition. But now there is a solution. If you know someone who is suffering silently from embarrassing pit stains, please help them by introducing the Sweatproof Executive Tee.


Founder of Sweatproof Executive