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Mens Crew Neck Tee (5 Pack)


#1 Sweatproof Tee.

The Crew Neck Tee is perfect for anyone who wants to wear a closed collar without the undershirt being seen! Perfect for Hyperhidrosis sufferers!


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Product Description

Product Overview

Sweatproof Executive introduces the Sweatproof Executive Crew Neck Tee made from 100% cotton and which offers 100% protection from sweat stains! The revolutionary tee is designed to sit snugly against your skin and help absorb all the sweat from your armpits before it reaches your outer garment. We love this product and we believe you will too! Perfect for Hyperhidrosis sufferers!


Made from 100% cotton, our lightweight tee makes for the perfect undershirt. The sweatpads lining the armpits are a little more coarser than the rest of the shirt, and this may feel unusual (but not uncomfortable) at first, but you will cease to notice it after wearing it a couple days. The lightweight cotton is very breathable and it will not stick to your skin and cause any discomfort. In fact, you will often feel like you aren’t even wearing an undershirt! That’s how lightweight it is!

Key Benefits

  2. Lightweight, comfortable fabric – 100% cotton
  3. Doesn’t bunch up at the waist
  4. Peace of mind and confidence!
  5. Perfect for Hyperhidrosis sufferers!


Our Sweatproof Executive is great value on a four-fold basis. One, it soaks up your sweat before reaching your out garment thus preventing any wet stains. Two, it provides a comfortable and stylish shirt that can be worn on any occasion. Three, the tee is incredibly durable and can be worn many years before replacement! And finally Four, with no pit stains, you are free to be confident again and engage in social interaction!

Suggested Washing

The Sweatproof Executive Tee can be machine washed or even hand-washed, preferably in cold water!  It can be washed using warm water without any affect however we do not recommend washing with hot water unless you intend to shrink the tee.


The Sweatproof Executive Tee is a revolutionary new tee that gives back the confidence to millions of people suffering from excessive sweating around the world. We don’t want you miss out on living your life just because you were too worried about people seeing your pit stains!

After each day, you will probably find that the sweat pad has soaked up all your sweat. It will take a few hours for it to dry depending on your climate. If you intend to wear the shirt to work or school each day, we invite you to buy the 5-Pack of tees, as that way you can wear a clean, dry shirt every day!

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