Hyperhidrosis and Social Anxiety

Effect of Hyperhidrosis on Social Anxiety

Do you feel a bit depressed lately or are you experiencing too much sweating during certain situations?

SAD or social anxiety disorder, or also referred to as social phobia, is the condition being characterized by avoidance and fear of social situations. People who suffer from SAD feel very uncomfortable or might even be paralyzed in both work and social settings. Being described as a crippling shyness, this usually starts during the stage of early adolescence, about 13 years old.

A certain study that was conducted revealed that SAD can be associated with the following:

  • Lower educational attainment
  • Reduced chances of employment
  • Social isolation
  • Low income and dependence on social assistance or welfare
  • Decreased chances of marriage or not having a fruitful marriage
  • Dissatisfaction with health and life
  • Higher disability rates

Having said all of these, it is not a big surprise that social anxiety disorder is commonly referred to as the illness of lost opportunities. About 8 percent of the population has reported a lifetime history of social anxiety. Contrary to popular belief, social anxiety disorder is very treatable condition. Unfortunately, only 4 out of 10 individuals even get the courage or guts to seek the assistance of medical professionals.

Focal hyperhidrosis is among the many potential causes of social anxiety disorder. Too much sweating can cause anxiety specifically in social settings. On the other hand, anxiety might also provoke excessive sweating. This is not to mention that anxiety and sweating cycle can be very tricky to break.

Hyperhidrosis and Social Anxiety

Most of those who suffer from the condition of profuse sweating also have social anxiety disorder. Also, people who experience this condition usually have sweating as among their many symptoms. Good thing that these conditions are very much curable.

The truth is, the rate of hyperhidrosis reduced by half in people who are looking for the best treatment for their social anxiety disorder symptoms. A certain study has already revealed that proper treatment of hyperhidrosis can substantially improve the symptoms as far as social functioning is concerned.

If there is anything that cannot be denied, hyperhidrosis and social anxiety disorder often overlap. For those who think that they might be suffering from social anxiety, the best thing that you can do is to seek professional advice from medical experts. This is because it is very likely that curing your social anxiety symptoms may also help in reducing your symptoms of excessive sweating. On the other hand, addressing your hyperhidrosis condition may also help in decreasing your fear and your urge to avoid social situations which will then lead to a better, happier and more fulfilling quality of life.

Take note that either of these two conditions are not without a cure so better do yourself a big favor by finding the most suitable treatment or solution because at the end of the day, you, like everyone else in the world, deserves only the best that the society around you has to offer.

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