Frequently Asked Questions

  • Does the Sweatproof Executive Tee actually work?

    Yes! The tee is an absolute life changer for people who sweat excessively! The sweat pad in the lining of the armpit does an absolute tremendous job of absorbing sweat if you sweat very heavily!

  • Can I machine wash my Tee?

    Yes, you absolutely can! We recommend that you machine wash or hand wash in cold water, however you may also use warm water without much trouble either. Avoid using hot  water unless your intention is to shrink your tee!

  • What is your shipping policy?

    WE SHIP WORLDWIDE because we know there are a lot of hyperhidrosis sufferers all over the world that need our help! We also offer free shipping no matter which country you are from as long as you spend a minimum of $99.

  • What material is the Tee made from?

    Our Sweatproof Executive Tee is made from 100% cotton! Combining 3 layers, our tee is both comfortable and effective in stopping stop before it reaches your outer garment!

  • Should I buy the 5-Pack?

    This depends on your lifestyle and climate. After wearing it for a whole day, you will find the armpits a bit heavy with all your sweat. This can often dry up over the course of the night however it may depend on your climate too. If you intend to wear the tee everyday and you would like to avoid a slightly wet armpit the following morning, we invite you to check out our 5-Pack of Tees so you can wear a new dry sweatproof tee everyday.

  • Does the Tee bunch up at the waist?

    No it does not. Regular tees that you may purchase can often bunch up, but our Sweatproof Exective Tee’s are made with style and comfort in mind, so you do no need to worry.