Do Normal Deodorants Stop Excessive Sweating?

Do Normal Deodorants Work To Treat Excessive Sweating?

Hyperhidrosis or excessive sweating is a common problem, particularly of the soles, armpits, and palms. It might be distressing and could have a serious impact in your life. In several cases, affected people avoid social contact with some due to embarrassment about the issue. Yet, the condition is treatable and one of the common treatments is to use a deodorant.

Deodorants are considered as the first choice when treating excessive sweating. The reason behind it is that these are least invasive and the experts recommend that they should be tried first before using other invasive treatments. Oftentimes, they’re inexpensive and very easy to use.

Deodorants are applied to the top of your skin. Once applied, the perspiration in your underarm dissolves and grabs the antiperspirant particles, which pull them into the pores as well as forming superficial plugs, which are below the skin’s surface. Once your body senses that sweat ducts are plugged, the feedback mechanism will stop the flow. The plugs may stay in place at least a day and washed away over a particular period of time.

Deodorants are available either by prescription from a dermatologist or OTC or over-the-counter. OTC deodorants are made available in various strengths with clinical strength items providing the most sweat protection. Brands providing clinical strength are available in the market and these provide enhanced sweat reduction in comparison to some traditional OTC deodorants and with less skin irritation compared to prescription products.

Metallic salts are the most widely used active ingredients in different deodorants. Clinical strength deodorants contain a higher concentration of active ingredients compared to the traditional strength OTC deodorants.

Specialty and prescription deodorants often contain an active ingredient known as aluminum chloride hexahydrate. These are the most effective deodorants, yet these could cause skin irritation if the instructions are not followed properly. Generally, experts recommend the best systematic approach to combat hyperhidrosis with deodorants. Begin with the deodorants that are composed of gentle formulations and choose clinical strength and stronger products until you have experienced relief.

Avoiding irritation on the skin is the key to success with deodorants, whether prescribed or not. So, make sure to follow what your dermatologist recommends, the instructions provided on the product, and apply this at night before going to bed to completely dry skin. If the normal deodorants don’t work, it’s worth trying those that contain aluminum chloride, which is a strong type of antiperspirant. This works through blocking the sweat duct’s openings and best in your armpits. But, it also works for your soles and palms. Some people it also works on the face, yet it is recommended to ask your doctor first before applying it on your face as this could cause eye irritation once it gets into your eyes.

Normal deodorants can definitely treat excessive sweating. However, you have to remember that every person who suffers from excessive sweating has different cases. So, it is always best to consult a dermatologist to know which type of treatments is the most ideal for you.

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