Deodorant - Does it work?

"Dude, just use some deodorant" - Ignorant fool who bakes on you for pit stains

So you are at the hygiene aisle of your supermarket and your confronted with four dozens different types of deodorants. You ask yourself, which one will work this time to stop my sweating completely? My advice? None of them. Your best bet is to walk out of the supermarket and walk to your closest pharmacy. The only deodorant that has been even remotely successful is pharmaceutical grade deodorant. These deodorants contain higher levels of Aluminium chloride which will stop the sweating. Although it sounds amazing, (and it is!), the deodorant isn't so cut and dry for everyone. I examine the positives and negatives.


1. Can stop sweating in most cases.

2. Takes approximately 2 weeks of continued use and then subsequent top ups every other month or two.


1. Your armpits will be very itchy. (And I mean so itchy that it hurts!)

2. High concentration of Aluminium Chloride may cause other health effects
3. May cause sweating in other areas instead!