Hyperhidrosis and Social Anxiety

Effect of Hyperhidrosis on Social Anxiety Do you feel a bit depressed lately or are you experiencing too much sweating during certain situations? SAD or social anxiety disorder, or also referred to as social phobia, is the condition being characterized by avoidance and fear of social situations. People who suffer from SAD feel very uncomfortable or might even be paralyzed in both work and social settings. Being described as a crippling shyness, this usually .

Side Effects of Aluminium Chloride

What Are The Side Effects Of Aluminium Chloride? Aluminium chloride is used primarily as a topical remedy, reducing perspiration and sweating from the scalp and sweat glands. A lot of deodorants contain aluminium chloride that exists primarily in solid form, yet it’s also found as a powder and liquid. Aluminium chloride works through changing excretory cells’ activity in the body, reducing the quantity of sweat, which glands produce. As with some medicines and drugs, .

Do Normal Deodorants Stop Excessive Sweating?

Do Normal Deodorants Work To Treat Excessive Sweating? Hyperhidrosis or excessive sweating is a common problem, particularly of the soles, armpits, and palms. It might be distressing and could have a serious impact in your life. In several cases, affected people avoid social contact with some due to embarrassment about the issue. Yet, the condition is treatable and one of the common treatments is to use a deodorant. Deodorants are considered as the first .

What treatments are there for Hyperhidrosis?

What are Some Treatments for Hyperhidrosis? For the longest time, doctors and experts have tried to deal and address the issue of hyperhidrosis but until this day and age, there are still no recent plans of action that were able to successfully and completely provided satisfactory results. Back in the early times, some treatments for hyperhidrosis have included various things, ranging from heavy applications of antiperspirants to the implementation of psychotherapy. Most of the .

What is Hyperhidrosis?

What Is Hyperhidrosis? Hyperhidrosis also referred to as excessive sweating, which is a common disorder that produces tons of unhappiness. An estimated two to three percent of Americans suffer from excessive sweating of underarms or of the soles and palms of the feet. Underarm issues tend to start during late adolescence while sole and palm sweating often starts earlier at the age 13. Once left untreated, such problems will continue throughout your life. Sweating .