About Sweatproof Executive

Established in 2016, Sweatproof Executive aims to discreetly help out sufferers of a condition called hyperhidrosis or "excessive sweating" as it is more commonly referred to. There are millions afflicted with the embarrassing condition and most of them suffer in silence by avoiding social interaction for fear of pit stains. If not managed it can become a socially debilitating condition, so we at Sweatproof Executive have decided to help solve the problem. Our Sweatproof Executive Tee looks just like a normal stylish tee with an added benefit. We have lined the armpits with sweat pads that absorb all of your sweat! It can be washed and reused as many times as you want and not a drop of sweat will appear on your out garments!

We want to help sufferers of excessive sweating by providing a cost-effective and simple solution. Spread the word to family or friends you know who are suffering silently and help them become the best and most confident version of themselves.


Team @ Sweatproof Executive